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Cost of advice in wills, inheritance and trusts disputes

The standard hourly rate that we charge for our work is £250.00 plus VAT (currently 20%).  If the matter is particularly complicated and/or involves substantial assets, we may charge a higher hourly rate in the range of £270.00 to £320.00 plus VAT.  In addition, there may also be payable court fees, barristers’ fees and the fees of expert witnesses, such as surveyors or medical practitioners.

We will provide you with an estimate of likely costs after we have assessed your matter and given you our initial advice.

Note: where Court proceedings have been issued, the general rule is that the “loser” pays the “winner’s” costs.  In practice, it is rare for the successful party to recover all their costs.  On average, the successful party will recover somewhere in the range of 60 to 70% of their costs.  In some cases involving estates, the rule is modified to allow recovery of costs from the estate itself.