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Cost of family law advice

At Bennett Welch we understand that the cost of legal advice and representation is often a major concern when couples separate. In order to help, we offer fixed fees for the process of divorce or civil partnership dissolution and different levels of service depending on the needs and wishes of our clients. Other family law work is charged at rates that allow us to provide a quality service.

It is worth paying for good quality and expert legal advice when you separate. Family law is complicated and it is all too easy to make mistakes if you do not have a Solicitor advising who specialises in this work. Paying to put right mistakes later can cost much more than receiving good advice and avoiding them. Sometimes it will not be possible to repair the situation.

When considering the cost incurred in obtaining professional advice you should balance this against the value of the assets at stake. This might be more than you think, especially when property and pensions are taken into account.

Fixed Fee Divorce and Dissolution Proceedings

For all but the most complicated divorces or dissolutions, or those involving an international element, we can advise and assist you in obtaining a divorce or dissolution of civil partnership for the fixed fee of £900 plus VAT. In addition, HM Courts and Tribunals Service requires you to pay Court fees.

This fee covers the following stages in proceedings for divorce or the dissolution of civil partnership:

  1. Taking your initial instructions and advising you.
  2. Drafting an application for divorce or dissolution and, if applicable, assisting you in preparing a statement of arrangements for children.
  3. Filing the application (and statement of arrangements) at Court.
  4. When your spouse acknowledges service of your application, preparing an affidavit in support of your application.
  5. Filing your sworn affidavit and supporting documents at Court.
  6. Applying for the final order that dissolves your marriage or civil partnership.

This service includes all associated liaison with the Court and you. It does not include any steps that we may have to take to prove service of your application on your spouse, the rare cases in which an answer or cross-application is filed at Court or work required because the Court raises queries. Any extra work arising in these situations is charged at our hourly rates.

Hourly Rates

Our hourly rates are set at a level that allow us to provide a comprehensive and fully supportive service to you. For most family law matters our currently hourly rate is £250 plus VAT. For more complicated matters our hourly rate is £270 to £320 plus VAT depending on the nature of the work. For example, a higher rate may apply if your assets are substantial or complicated, if the proceedings are in the High Court or they involve an appeal against a Court order.

Helping You to Help Yourself

If you want to represent yourself in family matters we can provide advice and assistance as you need it but without going on record as acting for you. However, please note that we can only draft documents and write to other people on your behalf, whether this is your spouse or partner, their Solicitors or others, if we are on record as acting for you. We cannot arrange representation at Court for you unless we are on record. Our usual hourly rates will apply when we are helping you to help yourself.

This service is especially appropriate for clients using mediation. We can advise you when you need it on points that come up in the course of litigation and then go on record to obtain a Court order by consent which reflects your and your spouse or partner’s agreement.

Can we predict likely overall fees in any family law matter?

It is impossible, and would be irresponsible, for us to give an indication as to the likely overall costs of our work beyond that covered by fixed fees until we have taken full instructions and have an idea as to the likely reaction and level of co-operation we can expect from your spouse or partner. Situations may subsequently change, so we might have to revise initial estimates as to overall costs.

If any law firm gives fixed predictions as to their overall fees in family law matters alarm bells should be ringing. Especially if they quote a low figure, it suggests that a full service is not on offer or that the person who might deal with your matter is not a suitably qualified Solicitor. The cost to you and your children might end up being many times more than you would save in legal fees.

As well as fees and VAT you will have to pay for disbursements. These are payments made by us on your behalf. The most common disbursements are Court fees, Barrister’s fees and payments to experts such as pension consultants. We will consult you before incurring any disbursement on your behalf.

If you would like to know more please contact Greg Randall at [email protected] or on 020 8670 6141.